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School Boy Success (2007-2008)


I was a very successful schoolboy and won my first schoolboy title in the second year of the school boy championships at 38KG when I was just 14 where I beat John Dring in the national final 8-1. I had 3 fights in that year of the schoolboys where I beat Myles Cousins of West Ham to win the London title then stopped a boy from the Western Xounties to book my place into the final. After I won the title I got a letter inviting me to the European Schoolboy box-offs which was held in Sheffield. This box-off was to selected the England’s Representative for the European Schoolboy Championships and was over the 3 year age group 1992-1994. I went on to win the box-off where I fought 3 times in 3 days beating a boy from Liverpool in the quarters then beating my old nemesis John Dring for a second time in the semi finals. I then went on to beat Thomas Halimond in the final to secure my place in the team to represent England at the European Schoolboy championships 2007, where I went on to win gold beating Russia, Arminia and Turkey. In 2008 I won the School boy title again but this time at 40 kg where I beat Cori Gibbs in the Final 14-1


Junior Success (2008-2010)


In the juniors I represented England in the World Junior Championships in Arminia where I got beat in the first round 8-6 by the home fighter who then went onto win gold. I won 2 Great British and 3 Nations titles as well as 1 Junior ABA title where I beat Samson Sykes in the final.



First Senior ABA Title - 2011


My first ABA senior title was in 2011 where I beat Mohammad Waqas who had also won national titles and boxed in the three nations juniors with me at the age group above, I beat him 33-12. this title meant so much to me because I was gunning for the olympic qualifiers. I was really nervous but boxed out of my skin It was my first year as a senior and won it very comfortably beating luqmaan patel to claim the london title then stopping marcus hodgson who had also boxed for england before. Winning this senior ABA Title got me Promoted from the GB Development Squad to the Podium squad, it also got me selected for the European championships where I went on to win a bronze medal at just 18 years of age.

First Senior GB Title (2011)


I was just 17 years of age when I won my first senior GB Championship. I hadn't even boxed in the senior ABA's but because I had been apart of the GB team for so long and was number one at 49 KG I was selected for the GB Representative for the GB Championships, where I would be going up against the England, Scottish and Welsh Representatives/champions. I boxed Sam Smith who was an english ABA champion and was 26 years of age. Despite my nerves I boxed really well, stuck to the game plan and beat him very comfortably which gave me a lot of confidence going into the final where I boxed Ben Baker from Wales. I really did do a number on Baker and beat him 17-5 giving him a standing count in the last round. The GB championships made a big impact in my career because it showed I can compete at senior level and show my dominances at a senior level at such a young age. I had always sparred senior fighters but it made a big difference being able to do it in a real contest. I was also mentioned in the boxing news as one of the stand out performances and bright futures second to Luke Campball. These championships was broadcasted live on the BBC.

European Championships


After a very successful first year as a senior winning a GB Championship Gold Medal and then going on to becoming ABA Senior Champion I got promoted to the GB Podium Squad 2 weeks before the European championships and got selected to represent England at my first major senior international. I had represented england in every major championships at schoolboy, junior and youth level but this was a much bigger stage because it was the Senior age group which ranges from the ages of 17-32 so I would be up against fully grown men with probably twice the experience that I had. It was like I was thrown in the deep end at just 18 years of age competing against men but I had proven I was capable by beating everyone nationally in the seniors, I was GB's Number 1 light flyweight and I hungry to prove a point at such a young age on the big stage. I boxed agaisnt Belarus in my preliminary fight which I won 17-8 he was a southpaw and I just outboxed him hitting and moving, he couldn’t keep up with the pace I set in the fight and really took control in the last round. I was then through to the quarter final stages where I had a very tough spanish opponent in front of me of Kelvin De La who was 28 years of age and had boxed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it was a very close contest he was very experienced but I showed him no respect I was 1 down going into the last round but we new he was tight with the weight and I was alot stronger in the last round so I stepped up the pace and ended up winning by the score 14-11 this was my biggest win to date against such a highly rated fighter, this win put me into the semi finals and secured me the European bronze medal.

Olympic Qualifiers


Having winning 2 GB Championships, ABA English Championship and a European Bronze Medal at Light Flyweight I had booked my place as the number 1 in England and my place to go to the olympic qualifiers to try and qualifier for the 2012 London Olympics. The first qualifiers was in Azerbaijan and was the world championship qualifiers, I boxed Junior Zante of Argentina where I lost on a countback 17-17. I was gutted and heart broken I fought I had done enough to win it and so did everyone on the Great Britain Team, thats how it goes in boxing sometimes you cant complain. I was still only a baby in boxing terms at 18 boxing in my first olympic qualifier it was a major learning curve and experience for the future. 2012 brought me the second olympic qualifier which was in Trabzon Turkey and was the European qualifiers, this was my last chance to qualify I had trained the hardest I had ever trained in my boxing career I was struggling to hold the 49KG light flyweight category because I had grown but I chose to give it everything for the opportunity to get to the london 2012 olympics. I drew Bulgarian fighter Alexandra Alexandrov who was a very big name in boxing having won a World bronze medal in the past at 51kg the weight above he was a very strong fighter who suited the scoring system just tucking up and throwing the odd counter I out worked him and maybe if it was the scoring of today I would have beaten him as i hit him with a lot more shots and out worked him I got beat 18-16 in the end. He went on to win the european olympic quilifiers and then went on to get to the quarter finals in the london 2012 olympic games beating the world ranked number 1 on the way. I was heart broken and my olympic dream was over I learnt so much and gained so much experience I was 19 and had done so much in my first year and half of being a senior fighter, after I didnt qualify for the London 2012 Olympics I decided to move up a weight to flyweight because i out grew the 49KG Light Flyweight category limit and it was killing me to make the weight I always intended to hold the weight and give my heart and soul to try and qualifier for the olympics but when that journey had came to an end I decided it was time for a new chapter.


ABA Championships (2014)


I had been out of the ABA and National seen for 2 years because of international duties going away to fight in the olympic qualifiers in 2012 and then in 2013 because of politics with the ABA, I was signed up as apart of the British Lion hearts World Series of Boxing Team which the ABA deemed me unsafe to fight in the National championships because I was signed up in a semi pro league where u fight 5 rounds without a head guard and I was training full time. In 2014 all the politics was sorted out which deemed me able to fight again in the national championships. I was entering the 2014 ABA Elite Championships at my new weight 52KG I had been number one on the squads in england at flyweight since I had moved up but hadnt got to prove it to all the doubters in the nationals, I had won international medals at 52KG's but this was my time to prove everyone I was number 1. I entered in the quarter final stages as the number one seed where I boxed shamin Khan in the quarter finals beating him on a unanimous decision, in the semi final stages I came up against Blane Hyland who was the son of an olympian Johny Hyland, Blane was a tricky customer, he was a southpaw and was a back foot counter puncher it took me the first round the get my range and rhythm. Once I had got my rhythm I was scoring a solid straight back hand and left hooks on many occasions, I went on to win on a split decision. The final brought my Team mate and Sky Scholar Jack Bateson. I had sparred many rounds with jack in the gym because we are both on the GB team and I new I had his number. Going into the fight I new what I had to do to win I stuck to my game plan hitting and moving frustrating him by making him fall over his front foot and hitting him with clear hurtful counters, after the second round I new I was well in front and really did start to make a show time performance in the last round. I went on to win by a Unanimous decision and secure my 2014 commonwealth games spot on Team England. This fight was shown the following week on sky sports 2 on a Ringside Special.